Saturday, July 26, 2014


I like to talk and write about Star Trek props and costumes. It's a significant part of my life and I enjoy sharing it here on Wrath Of Dhan. But sometimes something comes along that requires me in good conscience to address issues beyond my own happy existence. This is one of those.

Star Trek collector and "Star Trek: Axanar" actor/producer/egotist extraordinaire Alec Peters once again wants to control the narrative and apparently he's willing to do it at any cost. in an attempt to quash opposing viewpoints, he has unsuccessfully sued someone who had the gall to disagree with him. He has ranted and raved against those he thought wronged him. On a personal level, he has sent me a DEATH THREAT, threats of LEGAL ACTION, and threats to do assorted and sundry things against me. In general, my reaction to these childish declarations is to consider the pathetic source. Oh, and  he has also offered to sign a non-disclosure agreement with me, as if I had something to hide, as he apparently does. Honest men don't hide behind such bullshit.

But now he's sunk to what can only be described as a new low, even by the already-subterranean standards he's thus far established. In short, Mr. Peters has threatened, not to sue or do bodily harm. That would be too normal, apparently. No, Mr. Peters has actually threatened to falsely accuse someone of a crime in order to shut them up. And not just any crime.

He's threatened to falsely accuse them of pedophilia. Yes, you read that correctly: Alec Peters has threatened to falsely accuse someone of PEDOPHILIA to shut them up.

To say this is pathetic doesn't do "pathetic" justice. This is obscene. Bizarre. Grotesque. What kind of human being would do such a thing? A twisted prick like Alec Peters, that's who. And many of you out there are responsible. On his Star Trek prop board, Peters has groomed a set of moronic sycophants that turn a blind eye to his every dishonest action.

When he secretly set up a SHIPPING COMPANY for his now-bankrupt business of selling movie props in order to make money from collectors through super-high shipping rates while claiming it was NOT his company, he was caught in the lie. Did his forum members call him on it? Some did, but most turned a blind eye to the lie.

When a former employee of Peters named Dan Benton – a guy who knew NOTHING about props and costumes – started, Peters immediately insisted that he had nothing to do with it, despite the fact that Benton used his blog to hype Peters and denigrate everyone else. It was considered to be so toxic that THIS STORY was written by a respected member of the prop community when the blog rightfully died. It was evident to the entire hobby that Benton was Peters' mouthpiece. Did his forum members speak out? Of course not. They sucked up harder.

When he lied about me being "kicked off of the Galileo Restoration Team" (I was never on it nor sought to be) his forum members yawned, just as they did when Peters' falsely stated of me that "some of you have told me of deals that were less than satisfactory". Same thing when they found out he threatened me by stating "you are lucky you aren't dead." Apparently his forum found that charming. The police did not. Suffice to say that there is a report in the files of my local police department with a copy of Mr. Peters' fetching missive.

And now, because someone spoke out against Peters' involvement in the fan film production Star Trek Phase II, Peters has again lashed out. For those not in the know, Peters' ran the recent Phase II Kickstarter and became responsible for paying certain Phase II bills with that money. Not surprisingly, the checks bounced, a fact that Peters himself confirmed on a now-deleted Facebook post. And when someone commented about that issue, Peters sent them the following:

"I am a winner who makes my life and those around me better. You sit at home masturbating to pics of little boys.

Be very careful."

His voice mail (yes, he ACTUALLY left this message on a VM!) is even better:

"It's Alec Peters.  I see you're trying to cause trouble... so, you better be careful where you step - you don't want people finding out about your pedophilia."

How winsome. "Be very careful". "you don't want people finding out about your pedophilia."Direct quotes from the man himself. And, yes, he's single, ladies! BTW, the very nature of that call makes it a crime itself in some states as defined by this edict:

"No person shall, while communicating with any other person over a telephone, threaten to do bodily harm or use or address to such other person any words or language of a lewd, lascivious, or indecent character, nature, or connotation for the sole purpose of annoying such other person;"

Now, before Peters makes the inevitable claim that he was just joking, ask yourself if that's funny. On any level, IS THAT FUNNY? While the receiver ponders legal action, let me ask again: in your opinion, what type of human being behaves in such a manner? In Peters' words, a "winner"? (Anyone else getting a Charlie Sheen vibe off that, BTW?). In my opinion only a sad, loathsome creature commits such acts. They are a thing to be shunned and disavowed.

How did it come to this? The answer is simple, really. The fault lies not just within Peters' own twisted soul, but with every single person who has enabled his bad behavior in the past and continues to do so. The list includes:

The Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum members

Star Trek Axanar production participants

Star Trek New Voyages Phase II production participants

So let's be clear: everyone associated with these entities are de facto supporters of a person that stoops to THREATS OF FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF PEDOPHILIA to silence critics. If these people are silent on this subject – it they do not specifically and vehemently speak out against such deplorable behavior – they will themselves will be guilty through association. Their silence will mean "for me, this is acceptable behavior".

So, to all Peters' supporters: you have a choice. You can maintain your support for this vile action by continuing your support of Peters. Or you can disassociate yourselves from him and be counted as a decent person who does not tolerate such abhorrent and stupid attempts at blackmail. I'll be monitoring and reporting on what happens. Those that stick with this sinking, stinking ship will be called out. I will name names and let the public decide who is right and who is not.

By the way, Mr. Peters will be appearing at SDCC this evening on an Axanar Q&A. I think it would be great if someone asked one question in particular: "how do you live with yourself?" And maybe ask Mr. Hatch about what he thinks of his protege's behavior? That would be priceless.

My lawyers are standing by.




  1. Excellent, accurate article on the subject. Wanted to correct you though on Mr. Peters/Axnars "appearance" at San Diego Comic Con. Peters and Axnar did not appear at or present any panel or screening at SDCC and was in no way part the show.

    He did hold a screening of the short film at a little theater he rented in the state of San Diego. A far cry from actually being part of the con as various announcements made by Mr. Peters and Axnar Productions suggested. Also my husband and I saw Peters in a Star Trek tunic quickly erect (oh no, I said erect, is he now going to hate on me?) a tiny Axnar banner in the obscure fan table section not located on the con floor. The little Axnar banner was gone when we checked about 20 minutes later.

  2. I stand corrected. Thanks very much for the update. And thanks for reading!