Alec Peters, the leader of the vanity film project Star Trek: Axanar, is not pleased with my recent story regarding said project (found HERE). To that end, he has sent me a message through an intermediary. Here's that message in its entirety:

"BTW you can tell him I am now going to hire a lawyer and sue him. I am making enough money now to throw away $50,000 on a law suit. Is he?" 

 So am I supposed to piss my pants now or something? I'm not sure of the protocol when being threatened by a bufoon. Apparently I'm being sued by Mr. Peters and can expect the papers to arrive at my doorstep any day. Since Mr. Peters has a history of suing his detractors, this is not exactly unexpected. Of course, since he doesn't have a history of actually winning, it is also not something I intend to worry about. Here's why.

Defamation (which I assume is the nature of the suit) must prove a statement is false and injurious. Someone cannot be sued for an opinion (Mr. Peters lost his last case because he apparently didn't know this – maybe he didn't show up the day they taught "law" in law school). Only statements of fact, like "Alec Peters is a liar" could be used. Could I be successfully sued for such a statement? Only if it was untrue. If I could not prove such a statement, I would indeed be in trouble. But of course, I would never make such statements without documented, incontrovertible proof.

 I've documented any number of lies from Mr. Peters, but here's my favorite (he's talking about me, after all):

 “This guy is BAD news and some of you have told me of deals that were less than satisfactory.” 

Now this is the kind of thing on which a lawsuit could be based. This statement cannot be proven because the claim is fictitious. A blatant lie and not a very good one. I don't think that even Mr. Peters' most loyal sycophants would be up to perjuring themselves in court on his behalf. Ergo, it is a lie and he is a liar. Easy-peazy.

And so, Mr. Peters, I look forward to seeing you in court. And once I'm done with you, and you've lost yet again, maybe you'll learn something. But I doubt it – you don't seem very good at the whole learning thing. As a side note, I find it very interesting that Mr. Peters cited the number of $50,000. Amazingly, that's about the same amount that the Axanar Kickstarter has taken in. Wow – what are the odds? It's as though Mr. Peters suddenly has fifty grand to throw against me while collecting a similar amount from donors to pay for his star turn in Axanar. Strange coincidence, indeed. Does anybody else think this is too easy, or is it just me? It's like playing chess with the slow kid.




  1. So, has this waste of space Peters ever served you papers or was it just an empty threat?

    1. Pussies like Peters seldom follow through. They count on the bully effect to get people to back off. Not gonna happen. Thanks for reading!

  2. What a douche nozzle Peters is! Fuck this guy, he must have a different quantum signature because this fool is from a different universe!

  3. Alec Peters raped under-aged children.