Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Here's even more shots of some of the great pieces that will be up for auction from Propstore next week! You won't find these high-rez shots in the catalog. All images courtesy of Propstore.

Up first, from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, it's the "damaged rollbar" model part from the USS Reliant:

For the DS9 fans, here's a fantastic version of Sisko's "First Contact" style Captain's uniform:

Of course, where Sisko goes, Dax is soon to follow:

Here's something super-cool – a "First Contact" Spacesuit later used in Voyager by Chakotay. Check out all the great detail:

 To go along with that spacesuit, how about a hero EVA rifle complete with lights from "First Contact"?

From the Next Generation, it's the Good Doctor's Starfleet uniform and lab coat. Worn by Dr. Crusher herself, this is the definitive look for the character.

From Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, here's an amazingly detailed prototype of the enormous Spacedock facility. The model is almost 18 inches tall and comes complete with a custom-built stand.

And wrapping things up, from "Enterprise", here's T'Pol's Vulcan uniform in all its form-fitting glory:

That's it for me but you can check out all the details on these and other great pieces from Star Trek (and other properties) by clicking here: PROPSTORE.

Good luck at the auction!