Friday, July 27, 2012

My Date with a Legend – Hangin' with the Galileo, Part 1

Welcome to my Blog. Apparently they'll let anyone have one of these! Since this is my inaugural post, I thought I'd start with something exclusive. Here are never-before-seen shots of the recently auctioned Shuttlecraft Galileo. I got to see the old girl prior to the auction – evidently she's been sitting in my backyard here in NE Ohio for about 20 years and I've never known where. Better late than never.

Take a look and enjoy.

Don Hillenbrand
Rear cowling with dome and front ring.
 These are on the sides and the holes permit the engine mounts to slip into place

 Looking through the center window straight through to the aft section.
 Top edge detail

 The wheels on the left mount inside the engine tubes toward the front under the "landing pads" and permitted the Galileo to be moved around the set by picking up the back end. At the top left is one of the rear engine cowlings with dome.
 The circular pieces are what the domes mounted to.
These circular pieces were mounted behind the dome assemblies. The grate is from the front underside.
Roof showing edge detail.
Door jamb showing hinge that carried the bottom door section out and down.

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Don Hillenbrand