"You are lucky you aren't dead" – a friendly message from Alec Peters

On October 21st I received a missive from one Alec Peters. It included the following:

"And let me be clear, you attack my business, you attack my family and the two little boys I support.  You take food out of their mouths and you are lucky you aren't dead."

Yes you read that right. As someone who opposes Alec's view of the world  "…you are lucky you aren't dead."

Now, whatever you might think of me personally, I ask you this: is this a reasonable comment for a businessman to make? Is it smart? Sensible? Is the hobby suddenly the Sopranos?

Note to Mr. Peters: I would have thought you'd catch on by now, but evidently you haven't so here goes –  I don't respond well to threats and I can't be bought. There is no amount of "access" for which I am willing to sell my soul or run away.

I don't need to be anointed by Alec Peters, self-appointed Emperor of Star Trek collecting, to make my life complete. I don't need to be associated with your forum or the Galileo or anything else you have to offer UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. And your NDA suggestion is a joke as I have nothing to hide. Is that clear enough?

Here's a news flash: the Emperor has no clothes.

I need self respect more than I need props. I need friends who are true friends, not just assets to be exploited.

Here's what will make me go away: quit giving me ammunition and I fade into the mist. Don't lie or tell half-truths and I'm gone. How hard is that to figure out?

And never, EVER again use a phrase like "…you are lucky you aren't dead." That's just…pathetic.



  1. He's lucky you donm't forweard that threat to the cops.

    Why didn't you, and what happened to Mr. Peters and all of the companies that sued him in the bankcrupcy lawsuit?

  2. I too am surprised you didn't report his threat to the police. After reading your other post about Alek Peters I'd be worried about his mental state. CBS is nutso for hiring him.