Tuesday, January 5, 2016






  1. Sorry, but I don't see how your link provides any real evidence that Axanar is obviously some bloated, ego-driven project just for Mr. Peters benefit (and the implicit cost of those working with him). For a fan production (which are themselves a long history of creator/producers/actors inevitably being an important focus of the project's attention) with limited budgets and resources how is his level of participation is just outrageous ego-stroking? What am I missing that shows how Axanar is unreasonable in this regard compared to other fan productions?

    You make a heck of a lot of accusations against Mr. Peters on this blog (which after a hour long look-see seems pretty much solely devoted to destroying the man's reputation, if not more) and if he deserves such scorn I'd really like to know as he could be doing serious harm to fandom. But, I can't accept that without something more tangible than your (according to him, unfounded and unfair) "trust me" or "ask my friends" assurances.

    1. Most sensible people would know that one cannot simultaneously be the creator/writer/producer/star and self-proclaimed visionary and then say your project is not "vanity". It is the DEFINITION of vanity! As for other fan productions, they are also vanity projects. But they aren't stupid enough to deny it.

      As for Peters, you apparently think it's fine that he threatened me with bodily harm, a charge he has NEVER DENIED because, as usual, he put it in writing. But you're OK with that, which makes you one fine human being in my book.

      FWIW, if I'm lying anywhere, I could get sued. But I haven't been because I can prove every claim in a court of law and he knows it.

      You deserve each other. The ego leading the blind.

  2. Hey Don,

    I have known Alec for awhile now. I first met him when he joined a Warhammer 40k Apocolypse group we had here in San Diego. Well this might be a long post lol

    First off let me say to everyone that reads these comments. Alec is definitely crazy and off his rocker. If you ever disagree with him he goes nuts.

    We had to kick him out of our group eventually because he cheated in every game. He also started trying to control every aspect of our group like he started it.

    I finally had enough of the guy on my birthday we went to the LA battle Bunker to play an apoc battle. Since it was my birthday I wanted to havea good gaming day with friends. Not with Alec....he cheated at every opportunity. I just couldnt take it anymore and said something to him about it.

    This is where things get interesting. Of course Alec got all butthurt and aggro and got in my face like he was going to do something. He is a small guy...and I am not. So i told him, if you ever get in my face again i wont warn you. He looked at me like he wanted to say something but I guess he thought better of it.

    About 2 weeks later after he fucked over an artist friend of mine, he stopped me outside of a friends house and asked me if everything was ok between us. I said uh no, I dont like you Alec. He stormed off and hasnt said anything since. Even deleted me on FB, lol dont worry Alec i would have deleted you as well.

    Propworx - dont even get me started.

    Anaxar - anyone who donated money to this guy is an idiot. His WHOLE plan all along was to use the money to start another business after he lost all his money on Propworx. This guy is one of the biggest tools on the planet.

    1. I've heard numerous stories like this. He doesn't seem to have the normal filters that most of us have that enable us to understand what is acceptable behavior and what is not. And, boy, is he consistent in that inability!! Thanks for reading.