Saturday, January 4, 2014


This message is exclusively for STPC&B members. We'll return to our regularly scheduled Blog tomorrow.

A friend of mine told me that I should be honored – after all, there was an entire thread dedicated just to me on your Board. It was apparently quite lively. I was called a bully, a bitter old man and oh-so-many-more delightful things. Oh, and for some strange reason I was referred to as, "unmarried with no kids". My family will be shocked to hear they don't exist.

The thread reminded me of a bunch of teenagers who think they're at the cool table while being led by the school bully. The word "pathetic" comes to mind.

Now we all know this type of thread is not unique on your forum. Bashing others is apparently a common thing, at least for some of you. It's rather ironic that this very behavior is EXACTLY why several participants in the thread were not permitted into the Star Trek Prop Room. Sorry, Carol, we don't do that sort of thing that you seem to enjoy so much. We talk about other things – things like props for instance. And costumes. Oh, we're occasionally guilty of talking about people – we're only human, after all. We talk about people like Matt Jefferies or Doug Drexler. Wah Chang or Greg Jein. Provocative stuff like that.

But what we NEVER talk about is the childish drivel that was the basic content of "my" thread. We only have one rule: do unto others. It's not just lip-service. You can't find one Prop Room thread where anyone is spoken of in the way I was spoken of.

Bottom line: we have a moral code and, frankly, that makes us better than you. Or, at least, less rude.

Whatever differences I have with people – and God knows I have them – they in no way enter into the Prop Room. My views are my own and I make no requirement (or even the smallest request) that others support me. Those that do are simply like-minded.

For the record, Mr. Peters, I think buying a house as you did was a laudable endeavor. What I find incredibly distasteful is how you wear it on your sleeve – your desire to be patted on the back for it at every turn. Where I come from charity is a thing done quietly and privately, not publicly and boastfully. It makes me want to vomit, as does your general neediness. And I noticed you manged to work several lies into your brief comments. Or have you repeated them so many times that you now can't tell the difference?

As for Gerald, well, the less said the better. That's fish in a barrel.

And neither of those things (above) would have been mentioned in the Prop Room. See how that works?

So here's my pitch. If you think that Alec Peters is Mr. Integrity (and his death threats are de rigueur) then you're too far gone – we can't help you. But if you think for yourselves, and don't have your nose actually buried in Alec's ass, well then you just might be Prop Room material and we'd love to have you.

Remember, though – you won't get any of that fun "bashing" thing that you're currently getting – there's no "hate club" in The Prop Room. We don't ask anyone to take sides – because there's no sides to take!

So here's a few requirements. Prop Room members must:

• Think for themselves (scarey for some of you)

• Not bash people (hard for some of you)

• Have integrity (unlikely for some of you)

• Be honest, not just when somebody is looking (impossible for some of you)

• Be able to read (difficult for some of you, apparently)

• And be passionate about collecting Trek, Trek, and ONLY Trek.

If you think that sounds good, feel free to check us out at: Star Trek Prop Room

If not, keep doing what your doing. Cuz THAT'S workin' so well.



PS: please, Mr. Peters, no more death threats. It's very disturbing to my non-existent family. Now go tell your sycophants how to think.

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