Monday, June 3, 2013


Jordu Schell with a certain Vulcan. Photo: Dennis Contreras
"Amazing" is a word that tends to be overused these days. But it's not hyperbole when used to describe the creations of Jordu Schell, sculptor of the truly amazing.

Fellow Trek fan and prop enthusiast Dennis Contraras attended this year's Monsterpalooza, the annual show for all things monstrous, where he found Jordu sharing some of his incredible work, including an uncanny bust of Star Trek's own Mr. Spock as seen in the original series. Dennis shared some photos on the TPZ Board and I was astounded when I saw them. The likeness was so lifelike that I assumed it had to be done from a life-cast or something. How else to explain the incredible level of accuracy and detail? But, no, I was mistaken. It was all talent. 

Check out these photos and judge for yourself. If it weren't for the truncated shoulders, you'd swear it was a photo of Nimoy himself!
I had the same reaction when I saw this Grand Moff Tarkin sculpt. It looks good enough to take a lightsaber to! You'd swear Peter Cushing was alive and well. 

In all my years of Trek fandom, I've never seen ANYTHING approach this level of accuracy. It came as no surprise then, when I discovered this incredibly talented guy has worked as a concept artist on some of the biggest films of all time including “Avatar”, “Men In Black”, “300”, “Hellboy”,  “Batman Returns” and "Cowboys and Aliens". Spock isn't the only offworlder he's worked on.
Schell Sculpture Studio is a full service sculpture and design facility that specializes in creature and character design, props, prototypes for toys and model kits, general special effects work, and creature design classes. Check out more cool stuff at

My thanks to Dennis Contraras for bringing Jordu's fantastic work to light.



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