Thursday, November 3, 2016


I broke my hand a couple of months ago and I am finally able to type once again. I've been away for far longer than I would have liked but I hope to get back into a more regular cycle of stories now that I'm on the mend.  – D

Nerds are everywhere today, including the hallowed halls of Hollywood. Comedic actor and film-maker Ben Stiller has been known as a Trek fan for many years, having even been given a small cameo as a Romulan in 2009's Star Trek. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Stiller recently appeared on Nat Geo's "Startalk" where he admitted to host Neil deGrasse Tyson that he was not only a life-long Star Trek fan, but that he also owned some key props and costumes from The Original Series.

Stiller first confesses that he owns a copy of the Star Fleet Technical Manual which establishes some major Trek cred. After all, only die-hard fans actually have the book, right? But then he goes on to mention that he used some TOS goodies as props in his movie Tropic Thunder.

In Matthew McConaughey's character's office, a couple of iconic things can clearly be seen – if you're looking at the right place. Check out the lower right of this screen grab:

That's right: a Gorn head! And not just another copy, no, sir. That's one of the two original Gorn heads created for the TOS episode Arena! But wait – that's not all. Later in that same scene, another piece of familiar Trekabelia can be seen right smack in center screen

Yep. Spock ears. Season 2 versions, according to Stiller. He bought both items at auction along with a pilot episode Spock tunic. No idea which pilot he was referring to – The Cage or Where No Man Has Gone Before – but either would do nicely!

To top it off, though, Stiller says that no less than Leonard Nimoy himself spotted the ears in the movie and spoke to Stiller about them. After admitting that, yes, they were real Spock ears, Nimoy asked for Stiller's address. He then sent Stiller another set of ears from The Motion Picture. A personal gift of Spock ears from Nimoy himself. It doesn't get any better than that. And you can see in Stiller's face that he was truly moved by the gift, as would be any true Trek fan.

What else might Stiller own? Who knows? But he's definitely on my radar from now on.



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  1. He owns Spock's uniform, on display in his living room behind him in his zoom interview with Jimmy Fallen