Friday, February 27, 2015


Like thousands of Star Trek fans around the world, I feel as though I lost a friend today. Leonard Nimoy has died at the age of 83. Unlike his counterpart, we all knew that Mr. Nimoy was all too human and would some day journey to that undiscovered country to which all must go. But it's far too soon for me.

Almost a half-century ago, as a very young boy I discovered Star Trek. I had no idea that it would change my life, of course. But even then, with all the bright colors, phaser blasts and the fighting captain, Spock was the character that grabbed my attention from the start. He was alien and smart and.. well... cool. In every way. More than any other character, Spock would define what, exactly, Star Trek was – and is.

All Trek fans know what Mr. Nimoy brought to Star Trek so I won't waste your time with that. But suffice to say that this Trek fan is grieved more than I thought I could ever be about the loss of someone that I have never met. Mr.  Nimoy's innate intelligence and grace will be missed by this life-long fan more than I can say.

As Dr. McCoy said about Spock at the end of "Wrath of Khan", "he's not really dead – as long as we remember him."

And we will remember. And feel grateful that we got to experience the fruits of this man's art. We'll always know that he truly did live long and prosper.

And we're the better for it. Here's his last Tweet:
Amen, my Vulcan brother. Thanks for a lifetime of fun, Mr. Nimoy.


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