Monday, June 30, 2014


First Contact Picard (Photo: Screenused)
The latest auction catalog from Screenused is now available and, as usual, there's some very nice Star Trek pieces from many of the various Trek incarnations. There are items starting as low as $50 which is always nice to see. On the flip side of pricing, there's a couple of pieces with a starting price of $7,000, so don't think there's bargains everywhere. One of these pieces is a Spock Commando uniform from Star Trek V, while the other is a Picard from First Contact.

The Picard is a TRUE First Contact style uniform. The jacket zips open – a rarity for these costumes – and shows the specific FC style neck opening which changed on later productions. Not many of this style appeared to survive. The vast majority of uniforms ID'd as the First Contact style in the IAW auctions were actually later DS9/Nemesis pieces as evidenced by the neck detail. This piece also features pants with a costumer's tag reading ‘Star Trek VII, Patrick Stewart, Never Worn’. Buyers will have to decide if the "nor worn" aspect makes a difference to them. The shirt features a sewn in tag that reads ‘PICARD’, so all parts are true "Picard" and apparently not stunt versions as the term "stunt" is not mentioned. With a starting price of $7,000, this piece doesn't come cheap (with the buyer's premium the TRUE start price is $8400!). I'm not aware of a FC Picard going for this much outside of the Christie's auction in which everything went for a premium. That Picard went for an amazing $18,000, but that was before collectors realized that more were to be had. Still, it's not like they are making any more of these, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it sell.

There are also TNG Data and Riker pieces starting at $5,500 and $6,500 respectively, as well as some background uniforms starting much lower.

Of special note to TOS fans like myself, there's a gray TMP Class D jumpsuit made for Dr. McCoy himself, DeForest Kelley. I'm not a huge fan of the style, but a McCoy of any kind is always cool! It starts at $4000.

Check out all these pieces and other great Star Trek items at the Screenused site:  Screenused Catalog



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