Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Admiral Kirk TMP Class-A Uniform (Screenused photo)
The latest auction catalog from Screenused is available and, as usual, there's some very nice Star Trek pieces from many of the various Trek incarnations. But the jewel of the auction has to be (for Star Trek fans, at least) a beautiful, complete Captain Kirk Class-A uniform from Star Trek: The Motion Picture worn by William Shatner himself. These are definitely hard to come by. The catalog says the piece "may be the finest example surviving", and they may well be correct. Not a single one was sold at the big Christie's Trek auction in 2006 and that auction had everything.

The uniform is very unusual in that it is complete, featuring:
  • Admiral's rank braid
  • Biomonitor
  • Starfleet insignia patch (screen-matched!)
  • Original Western Costume Company “William Shatner” labels
  • Attached boots
The opening bid is a bit steep at $25,000 which will definitely weed out all but the most hardy of bidders. Will it sell at that starting level? We'll have to see. But one thing is for sure – we're not likely to ever see a better specimen!

Check out this piece and other great Star Trek items at the Screenused site:  Screenused Catalog



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