Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Chris Bunce had a bit of a dream. He wanted to write a Blog that centered on the science fiction and fantasy genres of which he'd been a life-long fan. And he wanted a new article every day – no small feat for someone blogging on the side. And so in June of 2011, "borg.com" was born. Billed as "Your Daily Science Fiction, Fantasy and Entertainment Fix", its title doesn't exaggerate. For more than two years now, borg.com has delivered new stories every day. And while Chris occasionally has other writers contribute, the lion's share are written by him. Pretty good for a guy with a full-time job in the real world.

Chris Bunce in full geek mode with the real "Bionic Woman",
Lindsay Wagner. He's the action figure and she's, well, the real deal!
borg.com's stories cover a wide array of subjects ranging from the world of comics (he's a huge Green Arrow fan), to television (Arrow again!), film, books – in short, wherever fun stuff is found. Today's entry is especially interesting to me as Chris has written a review of the new Star Trek book "These Are The Voyages", a publication I mentioned a few weeks ago here at WOD. Like me, Chris is a huge fan of Star Trek (as well as being a fellow collector of screen-used Trek props and costumes) and took to the new book with relish. Check out his full review HERE.

And lest I forget, writing runs in Chris' family. His wife, the immensely talented Elizabeth Bunce, is an author of historical fantasy. Check out here writings HERE.

So be sure to check out borg.com and get your own personal fix of cool!



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