Tuesday, February 16, 2016


On January 30, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum held their annual open house. It was a special day for Star Trek fans, of course, since one of the items on display was the original Enterprise model from the 60's as it awaits its impending restoration. Friend of the blog and Star Trek fan extraordinaire John Simmons was in attendance and has kindly shared some of his exclusive shots with us. Click on each photo for much larger versions.

Dismantled in preparation for its upcoming restoration, the Enterprise was lovingly laid out in pieces for attendees. All photos courtesy of John Simmons.
Engine nacelles with the light module that resulted in the "warp effect" under the domes. Note the Shuttle Bay doors in the center.
A better shot of the impulse engine add-on (lower left) and the engine domes.
The secondary hull with the front assembly removed. The skin's inaccurate heavily weathered paint job will be removed and restored to its original simple texture.
Aft end of the nacelles showing the domed caps. The secondary hull front piece is sitting just behind it with the iconic saucer sitting between.
Side of the primary hull showing the same exaggerated weathering as on the secondary hull.
More detail is shown on the nacelle front opening. It looks like rather crudely carved wood because that's exactly what it is!
The museum displayed this graphic as an overview to attendees.
Thanks to John for recording and sharing the amazing experience of being in the presence of the one and only original Enterprise!



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